fullsizeoutput_da5As a writer, thinker and creative, I’ve spent the last year pioneering with friends around the world, combining global online community, The Way Station, with a deeply personal collaborative adventure, Virtual Camino.

My passion is to re-imagine identity and faith in community, for those on the fringes and beyond.

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New Inventory Item: spirit level

There are those computer adventure games where you arrive at the old deserted inn, and in the kitchen cupboard there’s an axe head. And you move the bookcase and a wooden axe handle drops out. So you select both together and suddenly you have the tool you needed. You can crack open the crate you […]

Words, Space, Art, Energy, Grace

Whenever I (or you) write anything, what seems to start with the word, actually originates more deeply. Words are one step removed. They are just “what energy did when it was released through our filters of literacy”. Energy is relational, while literacy is an interface. Literacy aims toward the relational. Literacy veils, abstracts, and codifies […]

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